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Storing and Displaying Coins

To keep the value of your collection safe, here are four standards you should follow: Keep them cool and dry.  Sharp changes in temperature and moisture—as are natural in most attics and basements—promote tarnish and spots that devalue your coins. Use original... read more

Caring for Coins

Cleaning While you may be tempted to clean your coins to make them look shiny and new, proceed with caution. Most of the time, cleaning coins reduces their value. Believe it or not, older coins that show the deep coloration of age are far more desirable than coins... read more

Ways to Collect

There are several popular approaches to collecting coins. For example, you can collect by series, type, theme and date. You can collect the coins you use everyday such as pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters – or buy specially minted  coins made by the United... read more

Getting Started

It’s easy to start a coin collection.  You can begin with coins that you already have on hand.  Check your pockets, wallet, desk drawers and under the sofa cushions.  Most people are surprised to discover the variety of coins hiding in their home’s... read more

Why Collect Coins?

There are many excellent reasons why you might want to collect coins. For starters, they tell unique stories. A coin’s design, mint mark, condition and composition can offer a glimpse into history and a better understanding of the past. Some people collect coins... read more

Coin Grading: Ultra Modern Coins

Grading Ultra High Grade Modern coins is much different than grading vintage and classic coins. Learn the best practices for grading these coins from PCGS Director of Education, Mike Sherman, in this short webcast. PCGS Official Site: http://www.PCGS.com PCGS... read more

Grading Mint State Morgan Dollars

PCGS Director of Education Mike Sherman reviews the key elements for grading Mint State 60 to 69 Morgan Dollars. These coins are plentiful, but no two are exactly alike. Learn how to identify the differences in this short... read more

Coin Grading: Circulated Eye Appeal

As coins circulate over many years, details originally struck into the coin are gradually worn away. The remaining details left on the coin are used to determine the coin’s grade. However, eye appeal still does matter for circulated coins. Join PCGS Director of... read more

Grading: Circulated Coins (Video)

Join PCGS Director of Education Mike Sherman as he provides collectors with insight on grading circulated coins. In about 10 minutes, Mike explains the factors that contribute most to a circulated coin’s... read more